SO 936

W 950/18

OC 320

SO 808FI

W 610/3

OC 579

SO 964

W 11102/4

OC 121

SO 1092

HU 8005z

OX 420 D

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Moving onto the fluids section of the vehicle, the oil filter plays an important role in providing purified oil for the engine at all times. If your oil is dirty, oil sludge or black sludge starts to form inside the engine, eventually starving the engine of lubrication and cooling. Internal parts of the engine will begin to get much hotter and gradually wear down, for example between the pistons and piston walls, which can seriously damage your vehicle in the long term.

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In the automotive aftermarket world prevention is always better than cure. Foresight and knowledge can save you – and your customers – time, money and hassle. Once a particle of soot or dust has got into the engine oil it starts to scratch the surfaces it comes into contact with, turning your lubricant being more abrasive.


SO 1019

HU 6006 Z

OX 416D1

SO 878

W 75/3

OC 309

SO 1014/1

HU 712/11x

OX 553D

SO 1079

HU 7010z

OX 153/7D2

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Our engineering skills and experience go back more than 50 years and because we are not overloaded with layers of management, we are able to respond to needed changes quickly. Most importantly we are a filter manufacturing company.

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