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Loyal to the 4C mentality and if it is necessary to inform our customer management understanding completely, it is the delivery of the products produced with innovation, automatic machine park and compliance with quality approval certificates. In addition, the organization from our factory to your door is on the way to the summit to enable you to reach Sardes Filter all over the world.
We provide a working enthusiasm that blends experience with sales support, all operational management and after-sales service.


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SA 2445

C 18114
LLX 4070

SA 315

C 32154/1

LX 876

SA 2191

C 1891

LX 670

SA 524

C 1724

LX 1949

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

the true qualıty


We are moving towards our goal with the necessary human resources support, production and quality investments in our journey of 50 years of experience and 20 years of globalization.
Sardes Filter is proud to serve you as a team with our understanding of innovation, quality is essential in our journey of being an experience that shapes the future. Our motto is “we are not your supplier, your solution partner.

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